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Employment growth in the field of engineering increases in strong economic times like these. As the market continues to increase, there will be a stronger demand for those practicing various engineering fields in Ontario. In the case of a large surge in this particular field, our organization is determined and has the resources necessary to find pathways for internationally trained individuals to start working in this growing field.

The reported findings from the Government of Ontario regarding Civil Engineering show an average job outlook rating for the 2017–2021 period. This indicates that there is a strong likelihood of finding stable work in this field, with a promising outlook.

Internationally trained individuals in the field of Engineering have to meet certain criteria related to educational training, field experience and successful examination results to be able to practice as a Professional Engineer in Ontario. By law, anyone interested in working as a Professional Engineer in Ontario must have a certificate of registration (license) issued by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).

Internationally trained individuals can be recognized by the regulatory board upon further assessment of their education, experience, language fluency and status in Canada. This process can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Our organization will be able to understand the specific needs of those interested in participating in the program, understand what gaps need to be filled in order to obtain licensing, and ease the application process for those who need assistance. Our organization will help these individuals in every step of the process.

P.D.L.E.S. develops and delivers directly or indirectly training and services that help internationally trained individuals to obtain certification/registration/Licensing and/or to obtain employment commensurate with their skills, education, and experience. 

P.D.L.E.S. can assist international Engineers to understand and complete the assessment and offers a comprehensive set of exam prep courses to pass the exams, as a package deal.

Our organization will also assist individuals in determining their language fluency, and make recommendations for further language study if applicable.
In order to be a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, you must be a Canadian Citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or have Protected Status. Once our participants become licensed, we can assist in finding applicants suitable jobs that match their skill set.

If you still cannot meet the requirements, we can assist you in finding an alternative licensing program related to the legal field, or connect you with an employer who may appreciate your abilities for a highly skilled job.

Charges and Fees for the Services

  • P.D.L.E.S.  does not charge any fee for basic consultation, in-house professional assessment and guidance in the process. ​

Getting a License and Job Path   (Engineer Licensing )

Following is the list of occupations which require licensing and are considered regulatory professions in Ontario and Canada. P.D.L.E.S. is offering comprehensive support, counseling services to individuals to meet such requirements. 

Use this link to contact us today to start working on your career development. Our basic counseling and assessment are 100% Free and without any obligation.

Regulatory Body
4Engineer Engineers Canada
  • ​Engineer Degree
  • Work experience – 48 months (12 months must be in Canada Jurisdiction)
  • Professional Practice Exam
5Engineering Technician or Technologist 

OACETT – The Ontario

Association of Certified Engineering

Technicians and Technologists

  • (Technician) 2-year post- secondary schooling in engineer technology or applied science diploma
  • (Technologist) 3-year post-secondary
  • 2 years of experience
  • PPE/ IEPPE Exam
  • Complete Technology Report/ Proposal
  • Obtain Membership